Robotic perception and localization. Augmented reality for ADAS.

Carmen testbed

CARMEN is a Citroën C5 dedicated to the robotic perception. Several problematics are tested on the testbed : robust and reliable localization, local dynamic map, obstacles detection, exploitation of digital maps...

Carmen instrumentation

The experimental car Carmen has the following equipments :
- a Velodyne HDL-64E,
- a Novatel SPAN-CPT for the localization (RTK enabled),
- a front Lidar Ibeo Alasca XT,
- a front 77GHz TRW AC20,
- a Mobileye C2-270 (measurement of the safety distance, white lines and obstacles detection),
- several vision systems (stereovision, Infrared camera, TOF cameras),
- driver observation systems (FaceLab, SmartEye and SMI glasses)
- a full access to the CAN bus of the car.