DYNA - vehicle dynamics

DYNA is the testbed dedicated to the vehicle dynamics development. The car is equipped with the following sensors :
- 4 Kistler RoaDyn measuring wheels,
- a Corrsys Datron Correvit,
- a Crossbow IMU VG700AB,
- 4 Corrsys height sensors,
- a Ibeo LUX-8L front lidar,
- a realtime acquisition system (2kHz data acquisition),
- a embedded computer with data processing high capabilities.
Additionnal sensors like GPS receiver, cameras, ... could be installed according to needs of the projet.

All the instrumentation of the car was done by the technical staff of the laboratory :
- the electrical power supply and the installation of the sensors was done locally,
- the lowlevel software uses a realtime Xenomai Linux to guarantee the synchronisation and the timestamping of the data,
- the highlevel software including the ADAS modules and the project applications use the PACPUS framework